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  • 'Disrupt the Public Sector'

    'Disrupt the Public Sector' 


    Back by popular demand for its third year in a row, Collective Campus is hosting the 'Disrupt the Public Sector' conference as part of the Victorian Government’s Innovation Month 2017.


    We’ve grown accustomed to steadily falling prices and/or a better quality of products in many aspects of our lives. Be it transport (Uber, GoGet), accommodation (Airbnb), telecommunications (smartphones, Skype, call costs), music consumption (Spotify, iTunes), movie and television consumption (Netflix) and air travel (Jetstar) to name just a few examples.

    Most other business and consumer goods have followed suit - this comes down to a focus on truly disruptive innovation.

    However, in Government, prices have kept increasing and it is debatable as to whether performance has increased with it.

    The public sector is not incapable of innovation – it innovates every day. However, most of its innovation tends to be focused on sustaining, incremental innovations, the types of innovation that drives prices upward.

    Without embracing truly disruptive innovation, which by its nature is essentially cheaper and better performing over time, the cost of Government’s provision of services is likely to keep rising.


    Entrepreneur, futurist & strategist Jamie Skella is considered a thought leader in technology design, building and advising businesses across AI, blockchain, esports, and even future food. Jamie is an Executive Director at MiVote, who are redesigning government to give people the opportunity to vote on policy issues as they arise - not just for policy packages every few years.


  • MiVote - Rural & Regional - Digital democracy


    Hosted by Meg Edwards, MiVote founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby will lead a conversation about community decision-making in the 21st century, and explain how MiVote gives everyone an equal and informed voice on the decisions that matter to them. 

    • No lobby group influence
    • No corporate $ in government
    • No career politicians in it for themselves
    • Your informed vote for the future of your community, issue by issue.

    RSVP required, yet this is a public event. If the evening doesn't work for you but early afternoon does please contact Meg to be able to attend the private (in home) event.

  • MiVote US West Coast Tour

    • Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 09:00 AM – August 17, 2017
    • Califorina


    The MiVote team is returning to California to undertake a US West Coast tour. A lot of plane rides and ubers filled with a spirit of hope we will be continuing to expand MiVote globally. 

    Over the week MiVote will be mixing it up in the tech and business epi centre of the world. Meeting with all individuals, MiVote will be continue to establish itself in one of the world's biggest markets to ensure we can make the biggest global impact. 

    We will be in:

    LA Thursday 10 August
    SF Friday 11-Tuesday 15 August
    LA Wednesday 16 - Thursday 17 August

    If you'd like to see us while we're over there, please contact us now!

  • Mobile-ising Women in Business | Melbourne 2017

    • Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 08:15 AM
    • Zinc in Melbourne, Australia


    MiVote's Jamie Skella will be presenting at this event. Mobile-ising Women in Business, a successful conference series empowering women entrepreneurs will return to Melbourne for the second time on Tuesday, 29 August.

    The growth of technology and all it enables is proving to move exponentially faster than predicted, mostly driven by consumer behaviour. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Victorian Chamber through Biz Better Together are here to deliver Australian business owners the information and tools to be forerunners in their fields of expertise.

    During the day we will hear from global influencers and thinkers, experts and people at the forefront of change, who are focussed on the rapid growth of technology and the disruption it brings to businesses, workplaces, individuals and diverse industries.

    We will explore the digital innovation frontline as we look at those industries leading the way dynamic evolving workplaces and practices. We will delve into artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics and human development, as well as looking at female leadership and entrepreneurship.

    Join hundreds of business people to mingle, network, hear case studies from entrepreneurs and business women and take away what every business needs to know about mastering emerging technologies and the 4th industrial revolution. 

    Get your tickets here

  • City Ignite 2017

    • Monday, October 16, 2017 at 09:00 AM – October 18, 2017
    • Sydney Town Hall in Sydney, Australia
    • $145.00 AUD


    CityIGNITE will bring together city and government leaders, business leaders, technology leaders, incubators, accelerators, startups and research institutions to collaborate and unlock new growth opportunities through new approaches, ideas and partnerships.


    Part of broader Spark Festival which is supported by the city of Sydney

    IdeaHack in partnership with Business Models Inc - moderated co-creation fast sprints focused on finding solutions to major city challenges
    Pitchfest- platform for urban technology startups to promote themselves to investors and customers (Bluechilli collaboration)
    Designed to facilitate partnerships to maximise the creative, social, economic and service benefits of digital transformation
    Outcome focused –Aims to stimulate the ideas that lead to increased citizen engagement, better connectivity and the use of open data platforms to drive innovation
    Will lead to the development of new funding and procurement models that can be used to get innovative new projects off the ground quickly
    Produced by same organisers as the successful Cities 4.0 Summit

    Who from MiVote:

    Founder & Chief Steward, MiVote

    Adam Jacoby is a serial innovator with a twenty year global history of starting fast growth businesses in sport, information and media. Outspoken and opinionated with a revolutionary bent, he has a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and have studied at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

    Adam’s start up footprint spans from; IMS Sports,, Learning from Legends and most recently the global Mummu group of Companies (Mummu Sport, Mummu Cycling and Mummu Talent) which were 2013 finalists in the Anthill Cool Company Awards (global category), #40 BRW Fast Starter 2015 and Top 10 in Smart Company's Smart50 Awards 2015.

    With deep expertise in fast growth business development, Adam was the CEO of BRW’s 2010 Fastest Growing Private Company (under $100M), Sportsnet Corporation.

    Adam is a Non Executive Director of the Centre for the Future, Non Executive Chairman of public company eSports Mogul Asia Pacific (ASX: ESH) and a sought after speaker and corporate advisor who has appeared in The Guardian, Fast Company, Australian Financial Review, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times and numerous other publications.

    Adam is currently focused on his passion for democracy. He is the Founder, Chief Steward & Council Member of democratic movement MiVote which was a finalist in the 2016 Singularity University Grand Global Challenge Awards and featured in the book Democracy Squared (available on Amazon).

    In 2001 Adam was a Young Australian of the Year Victorian Finalist (Career Achievement Category).

    Despite these career milestones, Adam’s most important job is that of partner to Mel and father to four wonderful angels; Kennedy, Percie, Avery and Jasper. He lives in Melbourne, Australia but travels extensively. The world is his innovation lab.

  • 2017 Moral Fairground Ethical Enterprise Conference


    Jamie Skella, the head of technology at MiVote is presenting at the 2017 Moral Fairground Ethical Enterprise Conference. 

    Jamie will be presenting on Blockchain technology on Monday 16th of October at 11.45am. 

    There will be Q&A time so you can ask all your Blockchain related questions. 

    More information to come.