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'Disrupt the Public Sector'

'Disrupt the Public Sector' 


Back by popular demand for its third year in a row, Collective Campus is hosting the 'Disrupt the Public Sector' conference as part of the Victorian Government’s Innovation Month 2017.


We’ve grown accustomed to steadily falling prices and/or a better quality of products in many aspects of our lives. Be it transport (Uber, GoGet), accommodation (Airbnb), telecommunications (smartphones, Skype, call costs), music consumption (Spotify, iTunes), movie and television consumption (Netflix) and air travel (Jetstar) to name just a few examples.

Most other business and consumer goods have followed suit - this comes down to a focus on truly disruptive innovation.

However, in Government, prices have kept increasing and it is debatable as to whether performance has increased with it.

The public sector is not incapable of innovation – it innovates every day. However, most of its innovation tends to be focused on sustaining, incremental innovations, the types of innovation that drives prices upward.

Without embracing truly disruptive innovation, which by its nature is essentially cheaper and better performing over time, the cost of Government’s provision of services is likely to keep rising.


Entrepreneur, futurist & strategist Jamie Skella is considered a thought leader in technology design, building and advising businesses across AI, blockchain, esports, and even future food. Jamie is an Executive Director at MiVote, who are redesigning government to give people the opportunity to vote on policy issues as they arise - not just for policy packages every few years.


Will you come?