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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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What difference does Blockchain make to the process of voting?

A blockchain voting solution provides unprecedented confidences and assurances, which traditional online votings system can not. 

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the same technology that underpins Bitcoin. It is a public record of transactions that is kept by not one, but thousands of individual databases. No centralised version of this record exists to be corrupted, and no organisation owns or controls the record.

How does it work?

Blockchain works by broadcasting a transaction (a vote, in the case of MiVote) to many different databases whose understanding of any transaction must match for it to be deemed valid, and then added. Dishonestly modifying one or more records will cause the new information to be rejected by the rest of the network, as their collective understanding of the record will not be the same.

How is MiVote using it?

MiVote is using Blockchain by replacing ‘Bitcoins' with voting tokens. Each transaction is a vote added to a public record, which can then be tallied and audited by anyone who chooses to do so. Thanks to the workings of Blockchain technology, once a vote has been added to the record, it can never be changed or removed - it now exists in perpetuity.