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Can MiVote End Party Politics?

Since launching the first look at their app-based voting platform in February this year, MiVote has been gaining notoriety as a serious contender on the global political stage. Now MiVote plans to bypass the role of political parties by connecting the people directly to government.




MiVote’s latest announcement is the not for profit movement’s boldest statement yet that they are taking on the old-way of community decision-making. Speaking in Melbourne on Tuesday, MiVote founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby announced a dramatic shift in the way that MiVote will operate globally.

Originally, MiVote had intended to register as a political party in a number of countries around the world. Now, the Movement will move beyond the model of party politics and open its platform up to anyone who wants to run as a MiVote powered independent.

“The more we spoke to people and tested the idea of MiVote, the more we realised that the biggest challenge to our democracy today is the parties themselves.” Jacoby said. “The parties no longer represent the people first. Political parties represent their own ideologies, lobby groups and donors.”

Rather than becoming a party, MiVote will provide a platform to connect communities with elected representatives who all commit to a genuinely democratic operating model but are not controlled by interest groups, ideology or hierarchy and are required to enact the will of an informed citizenry. 

The MiVote app lets everyone vote on policy issues as they happen, instead of policy packages every few years. It asks people what long term direction they want the community to take, and provides simple to understand facts to give background and context to that issue so that people can make an informed vote.  

Anyone can choose to run as a MiVote powered candidate using the MiVote voting platform, fundraising platform and campaign resources. By removing party ideologies and legacies, including pre-selection and electioneering, communities will be empowered to make informed decisions by and for themselves, issue by issue.

As Jacoby explains, "Communities can now be represented by who they choose, not who a political party ordains."

“This is an historic shift in the way community decision-making operates” Jacoby said. “Decentralised democracy is the first step towards post-party politics that puts people back at the centre of their own self-determination.”

In the same way that Uber is the world's largest taxi company, without owning cars; Airbnb is the largest hotel company, without owning rooms; Facebook is the largest media company, but does not produce content; MiVote seeks to become the world's largest representative political movement, without being a party.

This decision unlocks a number of opportunities around the world. The resource requirements of simultaneously running multiple political parties and party candidates across numerous countries was impacting MiVote's growth potential and ability to respond to growing global demand.         

MiVote powered independents must agree to the MiVote values, including - no corporate/vested interest money, upholding the decision of the voters every time, not promoting a personal position before a vote, and a two term limit. But they are now empowered to truly represent their community and have access to all the support and resources required to run in an election.

“Representative governments no longer deliver their intended purpose, nor reflect the will of the people”, Jacoby explained, “handing our decision-making power over to a representative made perfect sense in the past but this model of government was created for a world that no longer exists. At a time when we have the technological capacity to inform, engage and solicit feedback from all constituents in real time, there is an imperative to ensure every person has a voice and decision making is guided by our collective voice.”

It no longer makes sense to relinquish our decision-making power to someone else and hope that we can trust them with that privilege for three or four years until we get another chance to reclaim that power from them at an election.

MiVote currently has interest from individuals who intend to run as a MiVote powered independent candidates in a variety of elected offices in Australia, the US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina and across Europe. MiVote powered independent candidates will run in elections around the world starting in 2018.



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