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FAQ's - MiVote Basics

Is this really going to have any affect of the current state of politics?

The current state of politics can only change if the people do something to change it. MiVote is the culmination of two years of development and thousands of conversations from a group of concerned citizens who are no longer prepared to watch our democracy be manipulated and our voices ignored. If enough Australians feel the same way then, yes, we will indeed improve the current system. But don’t just take our word for it…(Clips/quotes)


What do you mean by frames?

Every political issue can be viewed through a diverse set of perspectives - economic, humanitarian, security, and environmental, to name a few. Each of these perspectives has unique pros and cons that must be understood before policy is approved. MiVote consolidates these perspectives into frames, carefully investigated by a nonpartisan team of researchers, to showcase these pros and cons and simplify the decision-making process.


How does voting on an issue affect policy?

A MiVote Member will vote on issues through their chosen frame, which provides specific directions to the MiVote representative on how to vote for a particular policy in parliament. Communicating our perspectives to the MiVote representative shows what legislation matters to us and where we want Australia to go.


How can I trust that MiVote candidates will vote the way we tell them?

Transparency and communication are the cornerstones of success at MiVote, so right after you submit your vote, up-to-the-minute results will be sent to your device with regular updates until the ballot has closed. Constant circulation of information will keep you updated on the progress of the vote, while also holding the MiVote representative accountable to the final decision.


Can't find the answer?

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