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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Listen: Adam Jacoby podcast recorded with Florence Guild

In May, Adam Jacoby was invited to participate in a Florence Guild seminar to discuss community decision-making with a small group of passionate people. This was a great chat with a huge variety of people from around the world.


Listen to the recording of the conversation in the Florence Guild's podcast here.

This podcast was recorded in May 2017 at WorkClub in Melbourne. Some of the information Adam talks about relates to the old MiVote model. MiVote will no longer be a political party.

Since this workshop, MiVote announced that it will act as a decentralised democratic platform, allowing anyone to run as  MiVote Powered Independent to represent their community.

As of July 2017, independents from North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and South America have all put their hand up to run in various, local, state and national elections as MiVote Powered Independents.