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MiVote at Future Assembly 2016


Exciting news! Both our Founder Adam Jacoby and our Head of Tech Jamie Skella will be speaking at Future Assembly on 2 - 3 December. Future Assembly is Australia's emergent technology festival, which aims to provide mind-blowing exposure to cutting edge technology through thought-provoking talks and exhibits. 



When: 2 - 3 December
RASV and Town Square Pavilion Melbourne Showgrounds. See map


Using technology to redesign democracy.

Speaker: MiVotes Founder Adam Jacoby

Society today is unrecognisable from 50 years ago. Yet, we persist with a system of government hundreds of years old. We have attempted to give our voice to a system that has no interest in hearing it and no capacity to use it effectively. Technology now provides a mechanism for what democracy has always demanded; that leaders who represent the community understand the desire of that community. MiVote is a block chain enabled political representative mechanism that allows members to contribute to every policy.

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Coming of Age: The Internet of Things

Speaker: MiVotes’s Head of tech Jamie Skella 

Beacons – with false starts fading – have begun breathing life into our physical surroundings. Jamie Skella, co-founder of Contact Light and creator of Embark, walks us through his team's work in building world-first environment interactions and new wayfinding capabilities. Discover how these advancements are being used to change everything, from the lives of those with disabilities, to the face of advertising. It may be early days for smart cities, but you're now living in one.

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