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MiVote Chief Steward Adam Jacoby to speak at Orange Generation’s #HoustonForChange

HOUSTON, TX: Coinciding with a fast-paced, action-filled fortnight of back-to-back meetings with the MiVote Iowa team, MiVote’s global team heads to Houston, Texas joining the inaugural Orange Generation event #HoustonForChange this Sunday, July 8th, where Chief Steward Adam Jacoby is one of fifteen speakers.

Orange is the official colour for the prevention of gun violence in America, with eight student activists - four of whom are survivors of the Santa Fe High School mass shooting event - having formed Orange Generation (O.G.), an organisation and movement with a mission to ensure students of today are the last ‘orange generation’.

The inspiring young leaders behind the Orange Generation have been working day and night preparing for this event, to be held at Houston City Hall, with thousands expected in attendance. Numerous national broadcasters are anticipated to cover this important gathering.

Marcel McClinton, one of the leaders of O.G. has brought together a broad range of voices from across the community, all committed to collaborating in search of a mechanism to reduce gun violence in America.

“We wanted to hear from everyone. From the first responders, the medics who are forced to heal the wounds of gun violence, the victims and their families, but also the NRA and those many would assume are in opposition to a solution. I think Americans need to stop assuming what everyone wants, we’re really keen to start asking. Which is why we invited MiVote to help us explore that further.” McClinton said

The event comes just days after another mass shooting event occurred in the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis killing five people. Orange Generation, like many others, took to Twitter the day of the shooting to convey their sadness and solidarity with the city of Annapolis and the families of those affected.

McClinton recently gained notoriety with a viral video produced by NOW THIS  opening with the statement that he is both pro second amendment and anti-people senselessly killed, recounting his personal experiences and the impact of surviving a mass shooting in 2016 when a gunman killed one, injuring six outside a Houston church.

Since the video, he and the team from Orange Generation have joined with the leaders of MarchForOurLives. These passionate and inspiring young Americans, including Emma Gonzalez and Austin local Jack Kappleman, are mid-way through a national tour campaigning for the end to America’s gun violence epidemic.

Jacoby and Adrienne O’Dell, MiVote’s newly appointed Head of Global Growth are delighted to be working alongside such incredible young people.

“Every American deserves to have their voice heard on the policy matters that affect their lives. MiVote is honoured to provide Orange Generation with the platform to run a non-partisan vote using our groundbreaking decision-making model. Gun violence affects so many communities and it is time the community comes together to resolve a problem that politicians have been unable to.”

- continues Jacoby, while looking forward to revealing more about future collaborations with Orange Generation. A joint announcement is anticipated during the press conference concluding the Houston event.

The speakers announced for the event include;

  • Bree Butler SFHS survivor, OG co-founder
  • Manju Bangalore OG co-founder, speaking on south Asian effects
  • Ariel Hobbs Mayor’s Commission to end Gun Violence, OG co-founder, speaking on domestic violence
  • Kelly Choi  OG co-founder, speaking on north Asian effects
  • Marcel McClinton Mayor’s commision, OG co-founder, speaking on shooting experience and hopes for future through voting
  • Esta  SFHS student survivor, lost best friend in shooting
  • Kyleanne Hunter Combat veteran, former NRA, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence VP
  • Kendra Ms. Wheelchair TX, gun violence survivor
  • David Hogg OR Jackie Corin March For Our Lives (MFOL)
  • Jack Kappleman March For Our Lives (MFOL) Austin
  • Emma Gonzalez March For Our Lives (MFOL)
  • Aimee Turney Mom’s Demand Action, domestic violence
  • Kandice/Ashton BLM Houston
  • Rhonda Hart Lost daughter in SFHS shooting
  • Adam Jacoby Chief Steward MiVote
  • For those wishing to attend Sunday’s event in Houston, final tickets are available for sale through the March For Our Lives event page

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