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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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How can I vote per policy if I don’t know anything about politics?

Information is the currency of democracy – Thomas Jefferson 

True democracy is unattainable without an informed constituency. The will of the people can only fashion a world that represents their vision if they understand enough about the paths that are open to them and the destination to which each path leads. 

As a member, you can vote on all issues. But it’s not mandatory. A more meaningful result is reached if members are voting on issues that affect their lives. 

Democratically elected leaders are the instrument from which the will of the people is able to shape the environment. Informing the people is not just a requirement of political leaders, it is the fundamental requirement. An informed constituency does not imply that everyone needs to know about everything. Rather, people need to know how the democratic process to which they are entitled works; and they need to understand the facts, implications and choices they have on the issues that are important to them.