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How MiVote differs to the Flux Party

There is a fundamental groundswell in efforts to re-develop democracy in Australia. MiVote is not alone in this, and you may have noticed Flux on the senate voting form. MiVote, Flux, and others are tackling the challenge of democracy in the 21st century. Here's a quick refresher on how MiVote is approaching this, compared to Flux, and why we believe we've accounted for some critical components others may not have addressed.


News Flux Party compared to Mivote


1. MiVote is not a party

MiVote is a social solution to a social challenge, that uses technology to apply a world leading proprietary decision making model at speed and scale. Anyone can run for an elected seat on the MiVote platform for free. Because we believe it is the community who should decide who represents them, not a party, or their donors, or their special interest lobbyists or the ideological elders.

2. No Swapping of votes

MiVote does not support the swapping, trading or relinquishing of votes. This mechanism is less democratic, substitutes informing the citizenry with an ‘opt out’ trigger and  leaves open the possibility of ideological perversion of the result


3. More than just voting on legislation

Flux focuses on legislative voting, MiVote is concerned with destinational voting. That is, Flux wants to know if you want to support a piece of legislation while MiVote wants to know where you want the country to go on key issues and we align legislation thereafter. Furthermore, MiVote invests heavily on research and informing the constituency on understanding each and every issue before them and providing a variety of options rather than just the legislation in question (which is already ideologically compromised).


4. No Career Politicians

MiVote does not allow career politicians


5. No Corporate Donations

MiVote does not allow corporate donations –


Interested to hear more on how MiVote is working towards a better democracy? Take a look at an in-depth breakdown of the guiding and fundamental principles of the MiVote system.