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Vote #5 is now open!
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Vote #2: How Should Pollies Be Paid? - Media Release

In light of the recent spate of oversights and exploitation of parliamentary entitlements, MiVote is asking the people directly what they think of politicians' pay and perks.

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New arrivals on the Australian political landscape, MiVote, have a novel approach to government decision-making - Asking the people. 

Speaking from New York, where he and fellow founders are in talks to establish MiVote US, founder Adam Jacoby explained that MiVote gives people the information they need to make good decisions, and then asks them what direction they want for the country, issue by issue. 

“With so much attention on politicians’ entitlements at the moment, the timing is right to have this conversation with the Australian people.” Said Jacoby. “We’re distracted by MPs being caught out doing the wrong thing, but no one is talking about the bigger issue - how can we improve the payment and entitlement process to prevent this happening altogether?”

MiVote’s voting platform allows everyone to participate in that conversation, easily and directly, using a computer or mobile device. Results of the vote will form the policy platform when MiVote registers as a party and runs Senate candidates at the next federal election.

“It’s obvious that the politicians elected to represent us aren’t going to ask the people how we think they should be paid, so MiVote will.” Jacoby said. “MiVote is about asking, not telling people what to do, free from party ideology, interest group money and career politicians.”




For more information, or to arrange an interview contact: Joel Stanton on 1300 785 534 or via email.

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