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Vote #5 is now open!
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Trouble with the image reCAPTCHA on the app

In the past, some members have encountered trouble casting their votes due to the image reCAPTCHA security check. reCAPTCHA is a google product that adds another level of security to the voting platform. Without it, bots could be used to cast multiple votes.

If you are having trouble with reCAPTCHA, you can try some of these trouble shooting steps:

  1. Which browser are you using? We recommend using google chrome.
  2. Is your browser set to private mode? MiVote uses cookies to identify you and protect your vote. Try turning private browsing mode off and ensuring your browser accepts cookies from MiVote.
  3. Do you have an ad blocker or pop up blocker enabled? These can affect the reCAPTCHA process. Try turning the blocker off, or updating the settings.
  4. Are you on a business or work wifi network? Often these networks can interfere with reCAPTCHA. Try another network or your mobile signal.
  5. Do you have JavaScript enabled? reCAPTCHA needs JavaScript turned on to function. Check your settings.
  6. There are lots of online forums discussing reCAPTCHA that may help you resolve your issue. Google is your friend.


Native apps for iOS and Android, will not require the reCPATCHA protection. We're working to release native apps as soon as we can.