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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Media Release: Candidate Announcement

For Immediate Release  MiVote announces independent candidates will run in elections from 2018   Speaking at the launch of their global crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, MiVote founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby today announced another leap forward in the democratic platform's evolution.  - Continue reading

MiVote Attracts Global Leaders

MiVote continues to prove its position as a world leading democratic movement, with this week’s announcement of high profile senior appointments from Australia, the US and the UK. Continue reading

Vote #4 is open - Housing Australia

MiVote asks Australians - what's important to you in a housing policy? MiVote’s latest vote opened today at, asking Australians what they want the government to prioritise when it comes to setting housing policy. _ Continue reading

Can MiVote End Party Politics?

Since launching the first look at their app-based voting platform in February this year, MiVote has been gaining notoriety as a serious contender on the global political stage. Now MiVote plans to bypass the role of political parties by connecting the people directly to government. _   Continue reading

What happens when someone steals your domain?

MiVote has been subject to a recent malicious and fraudulent attack by someone who wanted to take our domain. This act was related solely to the registration of the domain and in no way whatsoever affected the information, integrity or votes on either the MiVote website or voting app.  – Continue reading

Voters overwhelmingly support environment-first energy policy

88% of voters want an environmentally focused energy policy, according to MiVote's latest vote. MiVote's third vote since launching in February asked Australians How Should We Prioritise Australia's Energy Mix? And the answer was emphatically to put the environment first. Continue reading

MiVote uses people power to determine Australia's energy mix

A new democratic movement is asking Australians to decide how they want to meet their country's future energy needs. A few tweets between tech innovation heavy hitters Mike Cannon-Brookes and Elon Musk sparked a flurry of digital discussion around Australia's energy mix last month. Continue reading

Australians vote to pay politicians more

Voters want performance and fairness from politicians, and don't mind paying for it.  MiVote's Vote #2 has delivered an unexpected result. The vote asked Australians "How should pollies be paid?" And the answer was to pay them more, but end their entitlements. Continue reading

Holly Ransom joins MiVote Council

Not-For-Profit democratic movement, MiVote, today announced that it has appointed Emergent CEO Holly Ransom to its Council.  - Continue reading

Vote #2: How Should Pollies Be Paid? - Media Release

In light of the recent spate of oversights and exploitation of parliamentary entitlements, MiVote is asking the people directly what they think of politicians' pay and perks. – Continue reading