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MiVote Australia - Media Release

A group of Australian volunteers is redesigning democracy for the world

A small contingency of Melbourne-based democracy innovators, MiVote, will step onto the world stage when they present their concept for a redesigned democracy at the Singularity University’s Global Innovation Summit in San Francisco next Monday, 28th August.


MiVote has been selected as one of four finalists in the governance section of the Grand Global Challenge Awards – a showcase of the world’s most promising social impact tech companies.

The group caught the judges’ eye because of the way MiVote’s vision addressed the challenge criteria:

Equitable participation of all people in formal and societal governance in accordance with principles of justice and individual rights; free from discrimination and identity-based prejudices; and able to meet the needs of an exponentially changing world.

MiVote is redesigning democracy for the 21st century. It empowers you to make your voice heard on each policy issue as it arises, instead of waiting for an election.

Effective democracy requires an engaged and informed electorate, free from party ideology, corporate influence, and media bias - one focussed on long-term outcomes. MiVote does this by offering issue-based education, and by making it easier to participate, it enables a more inclusive and equal say on the progression of Australia.

Expert researchers from around the world package information on topics - for example, same sex marriage, superannuation, asylum seekers, energy supply - presenting a range of simple, objective perspectives through an app for comparison. Because there are different ways to look at the same issue, for example, from an economic, environmental, social point of view, MiVote seeks to provide objective, evidence-based views outlining the pros and cons of each relevant perspective. The MiVote community can then review the available knowledge before voting.

Trusted and proven technology delivers the tools that ensure the integrity of your voice. MiVote is underpinned by blockchain to ensure privacy, security and accountability.

Although MiVote sees itself as a democratic facilitator, as opposed to a tech company, it is capitalising on the strong pedigree of tech leaders and innovators for which Melbourne is known. Almost all of the people driving MiVote are volunteers, united by their ambition to see democracy 2.0 come to life. It has attracted former CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, app developers, students, tech industry leaders, marketing communications experts from multi-national companies, senior AEC leaders, futurists, international researchers and more. These accomplished individuals support the merit and value of MiVote as they drive reforms to democracy.

The concept of MiVote has been ticking over in co-founder Adam Jacoby’s mind for a number of years,  and the current iteration is only 6 months old. Despite MiVote’s deceptive youth, it is already striding towards its ambitious goals. The nomination as a finalist in the Grand Global Challenge Awards is a nice punctuation to the momentum quickly building behind the concept.

“It’s really encouraging to see so many people showing a passionate interest in what we’re doing” Jacoby explains.

“Our community is growing very quickly and MiVote is attracting a very diverse range of talented people with equally diverse skill sets and backgrounds, all motivated by a desire to redesign democracy and improve the system.”

“It’s great to see people getting excited by the opportunities of using technology as a tool to kick-start a new way of delivering democracy in the 21st century and enable greater self determination for all” Jacoby said.

The awards are a feature of the Singularity University Global Summit, comprised of the best and brightest innovators, investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, driven to solve humanity’s major challenges. MiVote will join other groups that are building the technology that drives exponential change to positively impact the world around them.

The Singularity University Global Summit takes place in San Francisco 28-30 August 2016.

Download the PDF of our Media Release

(MiVote Media Release: 22 August 2016)