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Vote #5 is now open!
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Member Update - October 2017

MiVote is a truly global movement, and you are a vital part of it.

It's been another big month for MiVote, which included the announcement of the Global Council and presentations at conferences around the world.

MiVote announces its global council and executive team

“MiVote attracts global leaders.”

MiVote are proud to announce a leadership team that includes senior people from organisations like Uber, Monash University and Key PR. The international group includes members from Hong Kong, Europe and America. Read about the recent senior appointments here.

MiVote speaks at the 'World's Top 50 Innovators from the industries of the future' summit

We are so proud of our Chief Steward and Founder Adam Jacoby who just returned from London where he spoke about MiVote at the Codex World's top 50 innovators from the industries of the future summit. We'll share a video of Adam's presentation on the news page of shortly. 

Vote 4 is open 

If you haven't already, make sure you participate in democracy now! Get involved in vote 4 and have your say on Australia's housing policy.  

Watch our facebook live recording from last month.

We invited the extended MiVote family to join us for a casual conversation and update a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it at the time, you can watch the live recording on facebook.

Don't miss out on seeing us 

MiVote has some exciting events and presentations coming up. Visit the events page to find out where you can catch MiVote volunteers and team members presenting.  

Beyond party politics  

The party politics model continues to drift further and further from representing the best interests of the people. MiVote founder Adam Jacoby dives in to explore the gap between where we are, where we should be, and how we get there. Read Adam's LinkedIn post here

What's the word on the street?

If you haven't engaged with us on social media or at one of our events, be sure to join the community. We're one big democracy loving family and to share the love we've gone out and asked the people what they think of MiVote.

The MiVote website is getting a revamp

Our volunteers truly are the best. The UX design agency BFF have been working tirelessly to research and redevelop our website, which will be live next month. As they continue their excellent work we ask that you get in touch and tell us what you think about our current website and about MiVote.

Take a moment to share your feedback and help shape our future design and communications. 

Support MiVote by making a financial contribution.

MiVote is a primarily volunteer-powered not-for-profit. We do not accept corporate or lobby group money (because money shouldn't buy you influence in a democracy) so we rely on contributions from individuals like you. If you can chip in $1$5$50 or $5000, please do! It's all extremely valuable and appreciated.

Stay tuned for some BIG fundraising events coming up.

Stay up to date with Horizon State

Horizon State, the tech company spun out of MiVote, launches their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 16th October. If you're interested in the tech platform that will support MiVote, follow their journey on their websitetwitterfacebookReddit, and telegram

Thank you for being a part of MiVote's journey   

Your support makes MiVote possible. We value the contribution that each of you makes towards improving democracy around the world. 

If you’re interested in volunteering or finding out more please email:

Follow us on social media and help us grow by sharing with your friends.

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