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READ: MiVote announces new chapter in EU’s most powerful and populous democratic nation

MiVote continues to make waves as the world-leading organisation advancing democracy by signing a chapter agreement establishing a European presence in Germany

Advancing democracy serves the interest of all with the MiVote decision-making platform receiving daily enquiries from concerned and active citizens from Berlin to Houston, Auckland to Nairobi.

As a global not-for-profit, MiVote is seeking a fairer, more transparent and decentralised model of community decision-making where it asks people what they want to see in policy responses to issues while prohibiting external ‘special interest’ and influence from party ideology and corporate manipulation.

Speaking from MiVote Global in Melbourne, Founder and Chief Steward, Adam Jacoby is excited by the movement’s first engagement in Europe, with ten state elections in Germany and pan-continental EU ballots for Brussels representatives at the end of May 2019. “Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone for the MiVote global direct democracy movement. The launch of MiVote Germany will provide all Germans with a voice on all of the policies that affect their lives and signals our inevitable expansion throughout Europe” - Jacoby said.

Joining the team in Melbourne from Hamburg for the week, new chapter head and Steward of MiVote Germany, Ralph Oesterheld is motivated to deliver more than simply an alternative for his country. “The online solution to our present inertia and polarisation is direct democracy. Politics has driven us apart and we want a better form of politics” in a country where support for the two largest traditional parties is collapsing and fringe elements driven by Left and Right ideology on the extremes, Oesterheld continued “it’s about the society we want, away from the extremes, bringing the ends back together in a non-partisan manner.”

Drawn to the MiVote model as a means of both community consultation as well as it’s offer that moves beyond the binary, “a divisive, inadequate response to today’s complexity” Oesterheld is motivated to alter the function of a post WWII political system which has run its course, continuing, “politicians no longer represent us but the party or ideology they serve, calling for a systemic response, which we will deliver via a digital platform for the 21st century.”

As the end of the year approaches, MiVote Global has no designs on slowing the pace of its vital mission to offer people a say and opportunity to contribute their voices to a collective future in communities across the globe.

Fielding questions and holding discussions on a daily basis with concerned citizens, governments and established political parties worldwide, MiVote’s blockchain enabled direct democracy platform offers community consultation with integrated support suite in a unique and unparalleled offer capturing new hearts and minds daily.