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MiVote Attracts Global Leaders

MiVote continues to prove its position as a world leading democratic movement, with this week’s announcement of high profile senior appointments from Australia, the US and the UK.

In August 2016, MiVote founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby was one of four global finalists to present at Singularity University’s Grand Global Challenge, celebrating ideas that could positively impact over 1 billion people.

Move forward 12 months, and MiVote has made rapid progress, and returned to San Francisco to announce that a number of industry leaders have joined the Melbourne-incubated, volunteer-based, not-for-profit’s Global Council (Board) and Executive Team.

These appointments further bolster MiVote’s capacity to continue its rapid growth, and progress its mission to enact true democracy in communities around the world.

Appointments include the head of Marketing Innovation at Uber, a leader of the historic Women’s March, which activated 6 million people globally, an Australian political academic and recognised global influencer, a senior entertainment and media lawyer and strategist in Hollywood, and a European-based author and expert on democratic innovation.

 “This is a truly world-class team who have proven capability and aligned intent to shape the world for the better” Jacoby said.

Doubling the size of the leadership team, these appointments bolster MiVote's expertise in consumer, political, enterprise and financial sectors, and add market-leading experience in digital platforms, social sciences, multichannel communications and digital transformations. Additionally, they bolster the diversity of culture, language and experience at key decision making levels of the organisation.. 

  “MiVote is an ambitious, fearless and vital movement, said Jacoby. We’re delighted that these global leaders  have chosen to contribute their considerable collective experience, wisdom and influence to the growing and dedicated global team at Mivote."

Speaking from San Francisco, Jacoby welcomed the new team members to MiVote:

 “The group has already demonstrated value through their insights, wisdom and expertise. The depth and breadth of the group’s experience will allow us to expedite MiVote’s growth into new markets, enhance our platform and have impact on the global political landscape much more quickly than we had previously imagined.”


New Appointees Include:


Adam Grenier | Council Member


Adam Grenier is Head of Marketing Innovation at Uber with a keen focus on future technology and growth. He was Uber’s first centralized marketing person, building the platform and operations for growth marketing, overseeing global advertising, CRM, SEO, and a small product and engineering team. Beyond Uber, Adam is a growth marketer by trade, having been immersed in all facets of emerging and digital media, marketing and business development for companies ranging from established brands like Sun, MSFT, Kraft and Budweiser, to startups such as HotelTonight, LiftOff Mobile, Zoosk and now Uber. He is also an avid speaker, writer, and advisor for several early stage startups.

Adam Grenier brings a wealth of UX knowledge, marketing experience and insights to the MiVote Global Council from his ongoing work overseeing projects at Uber ranging from Uber Freight and VR to Self Driving Vehicles.


Dr Susan Carland | Council Member


Dr Susan Carland is an academic, author, and social commentator. She has a PhD from Monash University’s School of Social Sciences, where she is a lecturer and director of Monash University’s Bachelor of Global Studies program. Dr Carland is a regular paper reviewer and TV panelist, has hosted the ABC Radio National Series Assumptions and appeared at both the Sydney and Melbourne Writer’s Festivals.  Her first book, "Fighting Hislam" was published by Melbourne University Publishing in 2017, with essays and articles appearing in The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, The Age, academic publications, and numerous anthologies. In 2012 she was named on the 20 Most Influential Australian Female Voices list by The Age, listed on the official “Who’s Who of Australian Women” in 2017, and named one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World list and as a “Muslim Leader of Tomorrow” by the UN Alliance of Civilisations.

Dr Carland brings academic political insight to the MiVote Council and expertise in social science to inform the ongoing evolution of the movement. 


Jon Barnes | Council Member - Europe


Jon Barnes is a thinker and tinkerer provoking individuals and organisations to explore big questions such as 'how does our species organise itself in the 21st century?' He is author of "Democracy Squared" - revolutionary projects that are democratising democracy with technology -  a CEO advisor to small and billion dollar organisations, the co-founder of indie org consultancy - helping people to build strong and smart businesses - and a guest lecturer in Digital Transformation at the world's 3rd ranked Exec MBA programme HEC Paris. A radical minimalist, Barnes lives between the tranquility of the French mountains and the creative bustle of Brighton, England.

Jon Barnes is among the world’s leading thinkers on 21st Century democracy movements around the world, having studied parties and movements in South America, Australia, Taiwan, Iceland, among others. This global perspective and understanding of the entire eco-system of direct democracy gives MiVote key insights into the global relationships and impact of the movement.


Martha Shaughnessy | Chief Communications Officer


Martha Shaughnessy is the founder of The Key, a communications agency looking to best serve the way the world and media work now. Having started her career working with nonprofits, a pivot to tech led to significant turns with major brands like Mint/Intuit, LinkedIn, LivingSocial and PayPal. Around the time of the 2016 US election, Martha left big agency life and stepped in to run communications for the Women's March.  

Martha Shaughnessy’s expertise in igniting grass roots movements, and her history of building communities, particularly in the political space, make her a powerful addition to MiVote as it expands globally.


Mark Vega | COO


Mark Vega is an Entertainment, Technology & New Media Partner at CKR Law, providing outside general counsel engagements to companies around the globe. Clients include content creators, distributors and financiers in the entertainment sector, IT developers and emerging and evolving digital platforms including blockchain disruptors. Mark Vega cut his teeth in late night talk radio and news reporting as a member of the United States military, then transitioned to intellectual property and first amendment law, believing free speech and democracy must be championed above all else. Mark has worked as a strategic deal maker for 20+ years as a team builder, founder, leader and advocate in the entertainment, technology, new media and marketing industries.
Mark Vega’s expertise in creating and maintaining legal operational structures for profit, non-profit, public and private companies will serve a critical MiVote role as the movement grows from country to country and as distributed ledger models continue to improve and impact our lives.


These new appointments join existing Council members Adam Jacoby, Dr Richard Hames, Holly Ransom, Stuart McGregor and Hamish Hughes.


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