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Vote #5 is now open!
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MiVote Election Reflections 2016

Well hasn’t it been a remarkable election weekend. Without getting into the cut and thrust of the political wins and losses (as we are non-ideological) there were some fairly pointed reminders of what is at stake politically for the coming generations and why the success of MiVote is more important now, than ever. 

Election News


Some of the important considerations and reflections:

  • The mainstream media has been mischievously asking leadership questions of both major parties, even before the result of the election is known. This ongoing destabilisation of leadership in the hope for ratings is at the heart of our democratic woes and ensures that the public are not focused on the issues, rather the personal drama of government

  • Senator Cory Bernardi has suggested that the government has no need to rush into the promised Marriage Equality plebiscite. This breathtaking act of democratic tyranny came one day after the election and advocates that the government ignore an election a promise (assuming the government is returned). The lack of concern for democratic principles is now so entrenched that Senator Bernardi called for this betrayal of the people via mainstream media. Astonishing. Days before the election, numerous conservative members of the Government were unable to guarantee that they would even vote for the result of the plebiscite if it didn’t meet their ideological sensibilities – a more undemocratic act you could not possibly find.

  • Pauline Hanson continues to espouse views which are counter to MiVote’s core values of meritocracy and equality of opportunity.

  • Alan Jones called for the resignation of a sitting Prime Minister BEFORE the end of vote counting on the grounds that the Party wasn’t doing as well as hoped or promised. Should the government be returned and the Prime Minister is again removed by his own Party, the people of Australia would rightly have a claim to abandon the entire system on the basis that their vote is meaningless and declare once and for all that DEMOCRACY IS DEAD (at least in its traditional form).

  • Most parties were pleased to leave their preference flows ambiguous ensuring that disengaged and uniformed constituents would not really know what they would be getting by voting for a particular party – not exactly democratic….


There were some positives!

The Nick Xenophon party deliberately and publicly refused to predetermine preferences, allowing voters to select for themselves where their vote may go, although noble, this process is only valuable in the event that the constituency is informed and understands that this is what the Party is doing.

A number of very distinct and disparate views will be represented in the Senate and no major Party will have a free reign to oppress a particular ideology onto the people without real debate and negotiation.


Swell of support for MiVote

Pleasingly, since the election, MiVote has had a swell of support, membership and followership on social media. In fact our Twitter following has increased by nearly 40% since election night. Our time has come. For those who are receiving this newsletter for the first time, we welcome you to the family and thank you for your commitment to a fairer and more democratic Australia. We are the ONLY genuinely democratic movement in the country and the only group which will represent constituents employing genuinely democratic principles.


We remind all supporters, new and seasoned, of our core propositions and ask you to shout them from the rooftops and share them any way you see fit.

MiVote is a community built on the principle of genuine democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. We are always seeking more community members, donations and more healthy dialogue about genuine democracy, as this is the only way to create the change we so desperately need. Take comfort that you have now endured the last federal election in which MiVote was not on the ticket.

Onwards and upwards and may your democracy forever be genuine and fair.