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MiVote launches in US and India

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MiVote announces chapters in the world’s two largest democracies


23-26 January 2018
Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

MiVote cemented its position as a world-leading democratic organisation this week when it took to the stage at the public salons at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to announce chapters in India and the US, with candidates set to run in elections from 2018.


As one of only two democratic movements in the world to have a relationship with the United Nations, MiVote is fast gaining the attention and interest of governments and NGOs around the world.

The global not for profit gained worldwide attention in 2017 with its decentralised model of community decision-making that prohibits special interest group influence, corporate money and career politicians.

Speaking from Davos, MiVote Founder and Chief Steward, Adam Jacoby, explained how significant this announcement is for the global political landscape. “This is just the first step in a massive global disruption. We’re seeing a dramatic shift around the world as communities demand a fairer and more informed process of decision-making. This will be a huge leap forward in how communities make decisions” Jacoby said.

2018 will see the establishment of MiVote chapters in Iowa (US) and India, with more national chapters to be announced in the coming months. MiVote powered independents will contest the 2018 Iowa primaries, with an eye squarely on the 2020 election. In India, citizens will be able to vote for their very first direct democracy candidates when MiVote powered independents start to run in elections from 2019 onwards.

“Launching chapters in the two biggest democracies in the world is just the start of a tidal wave of democratic revolution, driven by communities that are sick of party politics, special interest money, corruption and ideological self-interest in their governments,” said Jacoby.

In Iowa, the first state to caucus in the US presidential elections, a small group of bipartisan community, business and political leaders is being formed by the head of the Iowa MiVote chapter, Merlin Yockstick. This group is driving the momentum behind the movement in the US. “Democracy is about enacting the informed will of the people to deliver the future that the community decides, together.” Said Yockstick. “Our team is rapidly growing to build a model for our nation, with candidates being lined up in Iowa to run for Senate, Gubernatorial and State seats, starting with the 2018 elections.”

In India, Joydeep Mondal has established a MiVote chapter in preparation for the next round of union and federal elections. “It requires a truly robust and powerful platform to engage, inform and represent everyone in a country of one billion people,” Mondal said. “MiVote’s model of community decision-making, scaled with blockchain technology, is a great leap forward to empower the people of India with an equal and informed say in the future of their communities.”

Currently over 20 further countries are speaking to MiVote about bringing the blockchain enabled direct democracy platform to their communities, including Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Malaysia.



Finalist - Singularity University Grand Global Challenge 2016

Panellist - 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos

Codex World's Top 50 Innovators, London 2017

Partner - United Nations ICG.

MiVote is well advanced in conversations that will see MiVote chapters in US, Scotland, India, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Romania, and England from 2018.

MiVote is building close relationships with Stanford, Swinburne, and RMIT, with further tertiary partnerships in development.


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