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Statement: MiVote responds to social media posts from Democratic Party of India

On the 22nd of November 2018, MiVote was made aware of multiple posts from the Twitter accounts of the Democratic Party of India and people associated with that party.

MiVote founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby posted a video response to the initial tweets from the Democratic Party of India (DPI) on 22 November 2018.  In that video, Adam acknowledged the tweets and clarified the inaccuracies and untruths the DPI had shared.

Key points of video posted to MiVote’s Youtube channel on 22 November 2018:

  • The Democratic Party of India and MiVote have a formal contract that DPI candidates will run on the MiVote platform subject to the MiVote operating model and rules.
  • MiVote has an exclusive agreement with DPI in relation to a partnership with parties. The exclusivity extends until the next election but does not preclude MiVote from signing independent candidates.
  • MiVote is interested in advancing democracy. This is achieved by providing as many people with the opportunity to participate in their community decision-making as possible.
  • Any group, or person with whom MiVote signs an agreement are subject to the same terms and beholden to the same MiVote operating rules, values and commitments.
  • MiVote India is an Indian organisation, established by Indian citizens with the single goal of advancing democracy for all Indians
  • MiVote does not presume to know or prescribe how best to serve the communities of other countries. It is for this very reason that MiVote chapters are established by citizens in their own countries.

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On the 23rd of November, after 24 hours of direct conversation with DPI, the party continued posting increasingly defamatory and incorrect posts about MiVote. MiVote responded with another video from Chief Steward and Founder Jacoby.


The key points of the second video, posted to MiVote’s YouTube account on 23 November 2018 are:

  • Despite MiVote’s attempts to engage in direct and productive conversations, DPI’s continued behaviour has demonstrated that the relationship is no longer tenable.
  • MiVote India will continue it’s tireless efforts to advance democracy and provide informed and equal community decision making for all Indian people.
  • The MiVote Indian chapter is doing excellent work and continues to build a strong movement in the country
  • Anyone can choose to run as an independent candidate using the MiVote platform, provided they agree to the MiVote operating rules and values. It is the community who should decide who represents them, not a party.

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MiVote is unwavering in its mission to drive community-first representation and informed, future-focused decision-making, for all.




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