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MiVote welcomes Rebecca Blurton

Rebecca-Blurton-1.jpgMiVote today announced the appointment of CEO of Moorditj and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Indigenous Women in Business, Rebecca Blurton, to the MiVote Council.

"We are absolutely thrilled to appoint Rebecca to the council”, said founder and council member Adam Jacoby, “we look forward to her contribution and particularly to her leadership in the portfolio's of gender equality and the indigenous community." 

Having previously managed and coordinated Indigenous employment initiatives and economic development programs, Blurton brings to the council a wealth of knowledge and experience about equality and Indigenous self-determination.

Blurton says that MiVote is the political movement that she, and many Australians, have been waiting for. "Coming from a people whose voices have been silenced for so long, I wholeheartedly see MiVote as a platform to be heard. It’s time for change and that change will only come through true democracy where all Australians are heard, equally.”

Blurton will join Adam Jacoby, Hamish Hughes, Richard Hames and Stuart McGregor in guiding the vision, direction and purpose of MiVote in ‘redesigning democracy’ for the 21st century.


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