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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Australians vote to pay politicians more

Voters want performance and fairness from politicians, and don't mind paying for it. 

MiVote's Vote #2 has delivered an unexpected result. The vote asked Australians "How should pollies be paid?" And the answer was to pay them more, but end their entitlements.

Vote2-Results-680x700px.jpgVoters were presented with four options, and asked to vote for as many or few options as they could support. 

The most popular option, with 69% support, was to increase politicians' pay whilst they were in office, and end their entitlements when they complete their service.

1111 people voted on MiVote's second vote. A 29% increase from the 858 that participated in vote #1 held in February.

See the results:

  • No Pollie Pension (69%)
  • Pay Public Service Rates (45%)
  • Pay Market Rate (25%)
  • Don't Change It (12%)


These results reflected comments posted on MiVote's social media, which supported connecting politicians' pay to their performance, holding them accountable to election promises, and ending their entitlements once they left office.

Paying politicians at minimum wage was another theme in the social media comments.

MiVote founder and Chief Steward, Adam Jacoby, sees a message for politicians in the result of vote #2. "I imagine the reason that politicians have never given the people a vote on politicians' pay is because they are scared of having their pay cut" Jacoby explained. 

MiVote believes that well-informed people make better decisions, and the MiVote voting app is designed to enable everyone to be informed on each issue, before they vote on it. 

"What we've learned is that when you give people the facts, free from ideology and media spin, delivered in a way that is engaging, voters make well-reasoned decisions on complex issues," said Jacoby.

MiVote invites the public to nominate topics they'd like to vote on at

Vote #3 will open soon. You can see results of past votes and participate in future votes here. 


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