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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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MiVote Founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby recently spoke with Huffington Post about the emergent possibilities of democracy rebooted for the 21st century. Continue reading

MiVote Presents at Codex Top 50 Innovators Conference in London

Recently MiVote's Founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby presented in London at the Codex Top 50 Innovators conference, demonstrating how technology can assist in creating a genuine democracy.  Watch the video here.

Member Update - October 2017

MiVote is a truly global movement, and you are a vital part of it. It's been another big month for MiVote, which included the announcement of the Global Council and presentations at conferences around the world. Continue reading

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In September 2017, we ran an open house event to talk 21st century community decision making. You can watch the recorded Facebook live stream here.   Continue reading

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The party politics model continues to drift further and further from representing the best interests of the people. MiVote founder Adam Jacoby dives in to explore the gap between where we are, where we should be and how we get there. Continue reading

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In May, Adam Jacoby was invited to participate in a Florence Guild seminar to discuss community decision-making with a small group of passionate people. This was a great chat with a huge variety of people from around the world. - Continue reading

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MiVote Founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby took a few moments to record a quick update on some of the exciting things the MiVote team has achieved in the few months since launching the first version of the app in February. – Continue reading

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MiVote Founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby spoke to Independent Australia in October 2016 about the difference between politics and democracy and how Australia's democracy is being eroded by ideological politicians.  – Continue reading

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The idea behind MiVote has been percolating in our Founder and Chief Steward Adam Jacoby's mind for many years. Along the way, what is now known as MiVote has evolved with the input, advice and collaboration of people from all walks of life.  – Continue reading

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MiVote recently executed a guerilla campaign around the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix pitching Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo as a potential candidate for PM.  – Continue reading