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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Reflecting on Democracy

Societies tend to suffer from unconscionably calculated meddling by their leaders or benefit, every so often in the most surprising ways, from their wisdom. It is customary to suppose that undue intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens stems solely from despots and their regimes. The Stasi secret intelligence service in the old East Germany and Hitler's feared Gestapo spring immediately to mind. Continue reading

Growing Pains

Growing pains  – Growing pains are being felt all over the world. From global inequality, food waste, electoral inefficiencies and the preponderance of polarised media. These problems have always existed in some capacity, however, the power of voice has emerged as an astute, and often grating, force through the means of technology. This is not a revelation and it is obvious that the power of voice will only multiply as human innovation capitalises on itself.     Continue reading

MiVote Election Reflections 2016

Well hasn’t it been a remarkable election weekend. Without getting into the cut and thrust of the political wins and losses (as we are non-ideological) there were some fairly pointed reminders of what is at stake politically for the coming generations and why the success of MiVote is more important now, than ever.    Continue reading

How MiVote differs to the Flux Party

There is a fundamental groundswell in efforts to re-develop democracy in Australia. MiVote is not alone in this, and you may have noticed Flux on the senate voting form. MiVote, Flux, and others are tackling the challenge of democracy in the 21st century. Here's a quick refresher on how MiVote is approaching this, compared to Flux, and why we believe we've accounted for some critical components others may not have addressed.     Continue reading