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Reinventing Governance One Platform at a Time

We all want to have a voice in important decisions that affect our lives, especially when it comes to Governance. Voting is typically how we communicate our thoughts and opinions to be heard and represented, but our current voting systems are outdated and often corrupted.

Originally published at SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY


“The cost of corruption equals more than 5% of the global GDP (US$2.6 trillion according to the World Economic Forum) with over US$1 trillion paid in bribes each year.”

— World Bank

Take a look at these 5 exponential solutions from the SU community that are rapidly evolving new approaches to Governance to meet our needs to be better informed and represented.

Communication Platforms

MiVote is an information platform that presents members with the research needed to understand and vote on policy debate issues in the Australian Parliament. The majority vote determines the movement’s policy position which is shared with representatives and media.

Propulsar offers information and communication technology (ICT) platforms that connect Latin American citizens with elected representatives to improve democracy outcomes, and influential world experts and opinion leaders to gain important social, economic, and political knowledge.

Remesh designed an artificial intelligence platform that uses machine learning algorithms to understand and engage voters with real-time conversation. Their automatic analysis allows governments to gain deep insights on citizens and take advantage of immediate opportunities.

Open Source Technology

Democracy Earth developed the first open source technology for online voting. They designed a protocol using smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain that allows decentralized, transparent governance for any group — small communities, corporations, large cities, and whole nations

Geeks Without Frontiers develops open source software and sustainable social enterprise models to empower local communities. They recently assembled the international architecture, policy, and legislation to accelerate the rollout of fiber optics in the developing world, which will enable the communication needed for effective modern day governance.

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Originally published at SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY