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Response to RT America video

MiVote was mentioned in an RT America video ‘The World According to Jesse’ published on Youtube 13 April 2018. This response addresses some inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the MiVote model in the video.

The segment on direct democracy gave a broad and brief overview of direct democracy, then offered MiVote as an example of a direct democracy platform. 

One of the common concerns people have when they first hear of direct democracy is the notion of the tyranny of the crowd, which is based on an assumption that populism disadvantages the minority.

The MiVote model overcomes this challenge in a number of carefully designed and specific ways:

  1. MiVote is destination focussed, not binary. Voters learn about an issue and then decide which future they want for their community. It is then up to legislators to craft laws that take the community in that direction. As an example, Here's why MiVote DIDN'T run a vote on marriage equality.
  2. MiVote policies are subject to ethics and legal checks before being published. Both the laws of the land, and MiVote's own values and vision must be satisfied before a vote is put to the people. MiVote is founded on values of equality, accountability and transparency, so no proposed vote can impede a person's human rights or unequally benefit one group over another
  3. MiVote's world leading model ensures representation from all communities. These community representatives are consulted, on every issue, BEFORE a vote is put to the people. This advisory input ensures that each community's voice is heard, and they have an opportunity to discuss how a proposed option may impact their community.
  4. MiVote seeks consensus. Because MiVote is not asking binary questions, votes are not framed as a win/lose. MiVote presents voters with clear, evidence based information, in context, and asks each voter "Can you live with this?" By asking voters what they can accept, it becomes much easier to find the policy areas on which people agree, and legislation can be crafted accordingly.

The MiVote model has been thoroughly scrutinised and subsequently recognised as a robust and world-leading framework by global democracy experts, lawyers, academics and senior political figures. 

You can watch the RT video on YouTube.

Here is a detailed overview of the model from founder Adam Jacoby.