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Roy Morgan Research - Australians' attitude to democracy


MiVote recently commissioned Roy Morgan to research Australians' attitude to democracy.  

The weighted survey of 1170 people asked four questions...

  1. Can you name your federal member of parliament that represents your electorate? 
  2. Have you received contact from a representative of the government or their office regarding policy?
  3. How likely are you to use an online platform for policy voting if one was available?
  4. How likely are you to use a democratic platform that informs you before you vote, like MiVote?


Results from the Roy Morgan research indicated:


66% of respondents had never been contacted by a member or office of local, state or federal government regarding policy issues.

61% of respondents were highly in favour of a platform that could support voting on policy issues.

34% of 18-24-year-olds and 45% of 25-34-year-olds were ‘Extremely’ likely to use an online voting platform like MiVote.


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Research commissioned by Democracy by MiVote, Roy Morgan Research Online Omnibus 2nd-7th February 2017, national sample n=1170.