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UN announces partnership with MiVote and Horizon State

United Nations IGO joins forces with Horizon State to accelerate SDG innovation

New York, December 2Future of Humanity, in partnership with United Nations Intergovernmental Organisation Be Earth Foundation, announces partnership with two blockchain Australian startups, non-for-profit democratic platform MiVote and tech company, Horizon State.

On 1 January 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development officially came into force.

This collaboration creates one of the first UN IGO and blockchain partnerships, and aims to accelerate change and innovate with purpose in order to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), founded on the importance of enhancing global standards for justice and strong institutions with disruptive technology.

Australian political movement MiVote designed the model for democracy in the future, and Horizon State is building the technology to make that model possible.

MiVote has been six years in development, with a platform that empowers, informs and represents communities by providing factual information packs to enable informed voting on individual issues. Any member of a community can then run as a MiVote powered independent to represent the majority position of that community in government.

Horizon State was spun-out of the not-for-profit MiVote when it was realised that the technical platform they had built to support MiVote had much farther reaching applications. This separation allows MiVote to continue on their mission of direct democracy, whilst Horizon State can apply the technology in other markets.

One such application is the use of distributed ledger technology such as blockchain to help accomplish the United Nations SDGs. The voting and decision-making platform that Horizon State has developed is leveraging blockchain technology to enable secure, immediate and efficient voting processes at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

“The partnership between MiVote and the United Nations organisation is a perfect demonstration of how informed and inclusive decision-making can be applied at scale using the security of Horizon State’s blockchain enabled platform to drive global change.” said Adam Jacoby, Founder and Chief Steward of MiVote. “When you give people true and easy to understand information, and the ability to participate in decision-making, they become empowered to reach consensus together.”

“Through our partnership Horizon State will be addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our platform supports peace, accountability, justice, and strong institutionsthe pillars of SDG 16” says Horizon State co-founder, Jamie Skella.

Details about the use of Horizon State’s technology by Future of Humanity and the Be Earth Foundation will be available in Q1 2018.