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Vote #5 is now open!
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Voters overwhelmingly support environment-first energy policy

88% of voters want an environmentally focused energy policy, according to MiVote's latest vote.

MiVote's third vote since launching in February asked Australians How Should We Prioritise Australia's Energy Mix? And the answer was emphatically to put the environment first.


Voters were presented with four options, each prioritising a different approach to meeting Australia's energy needs, and asked to vote for as many or few options as they could support. 

1332 people voted in MiVote's third vote. A 20% increase on the 1111 that participated in vote #2 held in March.

See the results:

  • Prioritise Environment (88%)
  • Prioritise Global Responsibility (85%)
  • Prioritise Cost (25%)
  • Prioritise Economy (15%)

MiVote Founder and Chief Steward, Adam Jacoby, explained that the vote was open to all eligible Australians and attracted voters from across the political spectrum.

The overwhelming support for environment-focused energy solutions supports comments on MiVote's social media suggesting that this is not a left vs right issue, but one where people are concerned about the world they create for future generations. 

"We saw some very passionate advocates for mining-based energy solutions, and equally passionate support for green-tech in emails and comments," said Jacoby. 

Jacoby explained that this is the first vote in an ongoing conversation on Australia's energy mix.

"Multiple votes across multiple topics are planned between now and when MiVote candidates run at the next Federal election." 

Regular votes will continue after the election, with MiVote representatives in parliament required to uphold the position that MiVote members vote for via the app. MiVote membership is free and open to any Australian 16 years or older. Before casting their vote, MiVote members are presented with detailed, evidence-based, unbiased information which has been scrutinised by subject matter experts.

"Vote #3 was not a vote on a preferred energy source, but on what priority should shape any decisions related to energy mix," Jacoby explains.

"What is abundantly clear from these results is that voters want to move away from mining-based energy production and adopt energy sources that don't damage the environment. With that understanding, now we discuss how we achieve that."

Jacoby describes why this approach is important and fundamental to MiVote: "If you don't know where the people want the country to go, then how can you develop policy that takes you there? This approach is missing in our current political system because the current system is designed to make parties focus only on getting re-elected in three years' time."

MiVote invites the public to suggest topics they'd like to vote on at

Vote #4 will open soon. You can see results of past votes and participate in future votes here. 


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