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Vote #5 is now open!
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Vote #4 is open - Housing Australia

MiVote asks Australians - what's important to you in a housing policy?

MiVote’s latest vote opened today at, asking Australians what they want the government to prioritise when it comes to setting housing policy.


With ever increasing dissatisfaction with government around the world, MiVote may be the answer people looking for, as they develop a better way to facilitate community decision making. Their solution - to ask the people.

Instead of opinion polling legislation after it has been written, MiVote enables informed community input on what the policy should achieve, before legislators then go about creating the laws to enact it.

Vote #4 invites voters to vote for any, all, some, or none of four frames as a priority to shape housing policy:

  1. Protecting property prices
  2. Ensuring a roof over every head
  3. Making the great Australian dream affordable
  4. Housing beyond the city limits


Growing Momentum

Thousands of people have participated in the not-for-profit democratic movement since MiVote launched its blockchain supported platform in February. Past votes have been on politicians’ pay, energy mix and the process of lawmaking itself.

MiVote Founder and Chief Steward, Adam Jacoby explained that the results of the past three votes have been telling. “When we asked people how they wanted to pay politicians, 69% supported paying them more, but to end their entitlements. In our most recent vote on energy mix, 88% supported an environment first approach to energy policy.”

Each vote presents users with an overview of the topic and then gives four options that can shape policy for that topic into the future. Voters can support as many or as few of the options as they choose and the option that gains the majority support above 60% becomes MiVote’s position.

“What we’ve seen is that when you give people access to unbiased, evidence-based and peer reviewed information, in an easy to consume way, people make can make clear and sensible choices.” Said Jacoby.


Decentralising Democracy Globally

MiVote recently announced that it will not be a political party. Instead, MiVote will provide a decentralised democratic model that allows anyone to run as a MiVote Powered Independent. These community members will be supported by the MiVote platform which includes the voting app, fundraising function, marketing and communication templates and direct access to that independent’s community through the app. 

MiVote powered candidates are preparing to run in elections around the world from next year, including local, state and national level in North America, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia.

There is no cost to use the MiVote platform and anyone can choose to represent their community, without the need for political party ideology, preselection or political positioning. The only requirement is that the candidate agrees to, and upholds MiVote’s values, which include enacting the informed will of the people always.

“This is a huge announcement with global impact, where governments truly do enact the informed will of the people, without the interference of party ideology or special interest influence.” Jacoby said. “We already have people lining up to run in elections around the world next year, including Mayoral, Gubernatorial, and Senate races in the US, and Local, State and Federal candidates in Australia.”


Party Politics is Over

MiVote is a global not-for-profit democratic movement that gives everybody the opportunity to represent themselves and their community.

The MiVote app lets everyone vote on policy issues as they happen, instead of policy packages every few years. Because they believe well-informed people make better decisions.

“We’ve seen that few people subscribe to a left or right ideology any more. Even in this very early stage, MiVote has demonstrated that, given the option, everyone can make an informed decision for themselves, and the future they want for their community, issue by issue.” Said Jacoby.


MiVote’s Vote #4 opens today. You can participate at



Contact: Joel Stanton via email.

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