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Vote #5 is now open!
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What do you mean by ‘frames’?

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The Asylum Seeker issue, like the gay marriage issue, tax reform issue and many others can be framed from many perspectives: a national security frame, a humanitarian frame, a social and cultural frame, an environmental frame or a financial frame to name but a few. 

Each frame has a set of distinct consequences that needs to be understood by the constituency and each will lead to compromise. The frames approach simplifies the decision making process by narrowing the areas of compromise required in building a solution. If you know the particular frame that drives the constituency, then it makes it easier to add or subtract the various considerations for a final policy solution. 

The framing of policy issues is imperative to genuinely representing the will of the people. MiVote is interested in the step that comes before writing legislation. MiVote wants to know where the majority of people want the legislation to take us. Should we take a humanitarian or national security approach to asylum seekers? What do each of these choices mean? Should the nation approach to mining exploration stem from a commercial or environmental frame? What would each of these choices mean to Australia, jobs, the economy and our place in the world? 

Each policy issue is addressed as a stand-alone issue, so each member can consider each frame and vote on its merits. For example, a MiVote member could be supportive of wide spread mining exploration AND marriage equality. The current system does not allow this individualistic alignment with specific policies.