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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Who we are

MiVote is an initiative of Centre for the Future, whose purpose is to make the world work for everyone.

MiVote believes the current system has outlived its usefulness and no longer delivers a governing model that acts in the best interests of all citizens equally. This is the single thread of alignment that binds our supporters. MiVote advocates come from all parts of the political spectrum. Our supporters include former and current members of all major political parties, religious conservatives from numerous religions as well as atheists, bosses and workers, rural and city dwellers, rich and poor, young first time voters and senior citizens. If you care about where this country is headed, we care about your voice.

Be a part of the MiVote team: 

Adelaide Adams

Project Management Advisor
contact Adelaide

Rebecca Blurton

CEO for Moorditj Pty Ltd and Council Member at MiVote
contact Rebecca

Nichola Cooper

Operations Manager at MiVote
contact Nichola

Adrian Di Fede

Brand & Marketing Consultant
contact Adrian

Dr Richard Hames

CEO of Centre for the Future and Co-Founder of MiVote
contact Richard

Hamish Hughes

Executive Council Member at MiVote
contact Hamish

Adam Jacoby

Founder and Chief Steward for MiVote and Director for Centre for the Future
contact Adam

Claudia Kowalski

Social Media Advisor
contact Claudia

Dr. Susan Carland

Council Member
contact Susan

Jon Barnes

Council Member - Europe
contact Jon

Martha Shaughnessy

Chief Communications Officer
contact Martha

Mark Vega

contact Mark

Stuart McGregor

Council Member at MiVote/Operations
contact Stuart

Adam Grenier

Council Member
contact Adam

Reanna Browne

Workforce Strategy Consultant
contact Reanna

Julian Waters-Lynch

Candidates Manager
contact Julian

Caroline North

Research Manager
contact Caroline

Simone O'Connor

Digital Marketing Advisor
contact Simone

Mark O'Keeffe

Founder of Studio Alto and Brand Manager at MiVote
contact Mark

Holly Ransom

CEO of Emergent and Council Member at MiVote
contact Holly

Joel Stanton

Marketing Communications Manager
contact Joel

Mark Wengritzky

Business Development Consultant
contact Mark

Travis Worsteling

General Volunteer
contact Travis

Sadah Webster

Research Assistant
contact Sadah

Anthony Sedgley

contact Anthony

Willow Pryor

contact Willow

Alex Trollip

contact Alex

Megan Andrew

contact Megan

Rohan Muscat

Marketing Consultant
contact Rohan

Phil Schlemme

Campaign Proselytiser
contact Phil