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Q: How should political campaigns be funded?
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Vote #5 is now open!
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Why MiVote

Authentic Democracy is dead.

Authentic democracy died gradually, the victim of a thousand paper cuts from corruption, corporate influence, media manipulation, ideaological perversion, power of lobby groups, cronyism, erosion of transparency, and so much more. Australia requires visionary, competent and courageous leadership to turn things around. We believe that this level of leadership cannot exist in today’s political system. 

A system which has little to do with delivering the will people and more to do with power and partisanship. 

In 2006, the ABS determined that political party membership represents 1.3% of the Australian adult population. What about the other 98.7%?

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Why it fails today

  • Candidates and Parties don’t ask, nor know what the constituents want on all issues. 
  • Candidates and Parties are not held accountable for pre-election promises
  • Candidates and Parties approach each issue with ideological solutions
  • Candidates and Parties provide access to those most able to assist their election
  • Constituents are unaware of the Candidates positions on a variety of critical matters that will affect them
  • Constituents are multi dimensional. Parties are ideological. This results in compromise
  • There is little or no recourse for dissatisfied or concerned 
  • Constituents between election cycles 
  • Constituents are not appropriately educated about the issues pre election

The world has changed.

Society today is unrecognisable from 50 years ago. Yet, we persist with a system of government hundreds of years old. We have attempted to give our voice to a system that has no capacity to use it effectively. Technology now provides a mechanism for what democracy has always demanded; that leaders who represent the community understand the desire of that community. MiVote is the only current political mechanism that allows party members to contribute to every policy. 

It’s time for us to change.

The way we coexist needs to change. On one hand, we detest the direction the world is heading and yet we have been too afraid to make the difficult decisions required to change our course. We need a better, fairer and more valuable system. Imagine a world where governing was genuinely reflective of the will of the people. We can build that world.