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FAQ's - Security

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the same technology that underpins Bitcoin. It is a public record of transactions that is kept by thousands of individual databases. No centralised version of this record exists to be corrupted, and no organisation owns or controls the record.


How does blockchain work?

Blockchain works by broadcasting a transaction to many different databases whose understanding of any transaction must be mirrored for it to be deemed valid, and then recorded. Dishonestly modifying one or more records will cause the new information to be rejected by the rest of the network, as their collective understanding of the record will not match.


How is MiVote using blockchain?

MiVote is using Blockchain by replacing ‘Bitcoins' with voting tokens. Each transaction is a vote added to a public record, which can then be tallied and audited by anyone who chooses to do so. Therefore, thanks to the workings of Blockchain technology, once a vote has been added to the record, it can never be changed or removed - it now exists in perpetuity.


How will you keep my data safe?

We are bound by our legal obligations to you, which is documented in our privacy information. Your data is used only to register and use our voting platform, as well as provide us anonymised information about voting demographics. This information would include things as what percentage of voters were female, or what percentage lived in rural area. Further details can be found on our privacy policy here.


What do you use my information for?

MiVote collects only the information from you that we need to cast your vote and satisfy the conditions of the Australian Electoral Commission for voting. If you choose to share additional information with MiVote, this is only used as de-identified demographic data to provide a clearer understanding of what certain communities want. This information is shared only with your MiVote representative.


Who will have access to my voting history?

Only you will have access to your own digital database of issue preferences. This will help inform you about your own issue tendencies and what you might prefer for future issue decisions.


How do you enable auditability/scrutineering of votes?

Every vote cast using MiVote is cast as a cryptographically encrypted transaction on technology referred to as a Blockchain. The Blockchain is a ledger not owned or managed by any individual or corporation. Rather, it is public domain, so anyone can tally the votes who chooses to do so.


How do you ensure voter anonymity?

Every vote cast using MiVote is cast as a cryptographically encrypted transaction on technology referred to as a Blockchain. Critically, these transactions only indicate the vote of a verified member, but are not sent with any identifiable information.


What is reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a Google product that adds another level of security to the voting platform. In the past, some members have encountered trouble casting their votes due to the image reCAPTCHA security check. If you're having trouble, click here for troubleshooting options.


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