Immigration In Diversified Australia – Present And Future Challenges

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The history of Australia and its immigration system is quite interesting in all its aspects. People across the globe along with Australians are studying the latest happenings in the immigration policies adopted by the government. Way back in 1962, a major decision was taken after decades of heated discussions, to adopt a constitutional link between the Church of England and the Anglican Church, which was welcomed from all quarters during that time.

The 1901 Immigration Restriction Act is taken as the base for all of Australia’s post-federation immigration policies. This Act found consensus among the labor movement and the nation’s first federal legislation. The Act came with the power to immediately deport non-white Australians and effectively control color-based immigration. Immigrants of Queensland were hardly affected by this particular Act. To create a white Australia, the Commonwealth Naturalization Act, of 1903 and the Pacific Islands Laborers’ Act, of 1901 were logically developed.

The White Australia Policy in 1917 was strongly supported by the Christian church to a large extent. But this particular move was opposed by many leading politicians and analysts who aired criticisms of racial arrogance. The said policy indicated the selfish ground on the part of the white Australians. The colored races were never given par value in Australian society. The government formed in the following years made the situation worse through its policies and immigration system by often changing them without any notifications. Some of the experts felt a need for unrestricted immigration into the nation to solve this burning issue.

The Australian immigration system witnessed major opposition from many labor and religious organizations, such as the Student Christian Movement (SCM). This movement stood on the same side as Indian and Chinese immigrants who were facing a lot of hardship in Australia. There was a constant urge from within the nation and from across the globe to modify Australia’s non-white immigration policy. They urged to permit controlled entry of persons of any nation or race into Australia.

The attitude of the Christian Church towards the colored race, Christians, and the common man from other nations remained the same in the present scenario as in the past. Most of the ruling governments, took steps related to the immigration system with proper consultation with senior Christian leaders personally, without hurting their religious sentiments. Such major and minor steps were taken by the ruling government to gain the support of the majority of the population. The colored people were neglected by the ruling governments and were never considered as a vote bank by most of the political parties.

Taking all these facts into consideration, colored people and those willing to enter Australia for work and permanent settlement are worried about the government’s changing attitude without proper notification. The present situation related to the Australian immigration system has created a big challenge for the present generation and the next generation. Every individual related to Australia is living with hopes for an amicable solution to this burning issue and wishes to create a society that will allow them to prosper and live peacefully.

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